SmileApp is the first application that will help you exercise your smile to keep you energized throughout the day. It was established on the initiative of the Dr Clown Foundation, whose aim is to bring a smile where it is most needed – to sick children in hospitals.

The main character of SmileApp is your laugh – a cheerful creature living on your smartphone. Remember to feed and wash it regularly, but most importantly, to play with it regularly! Play mini-games and earn points that can be exchanged for food, drink or entertainment necessary to make your smile happy!


SmileApp is an application for all children who want to train their smile while having fun. With SmileApp, you have no choice – to control the mini-games, you have to make your face smile, because it’s the only controller that SmileApp supports 🙂


Mobile application for laughter therapy for children and adolescents during long-term hospitalization.

  • Client

    Dr Clown Foundation

Open Project

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